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February 2005 Newsletter

Greetings from Nepal,

Here is a summary of activities since my last newsletter. When I arrived in Bagahi Nepal during harvest in October 2004, I saw ox, chickens, goats and grain drying. This was such a contrast to our trip last May at the end of the dry season. Then there were no animals or grain, and women were begging for food. They really need to learn how to garden in the dry season.

Pramod, our field coordinator and I conducted a health survey to assess the condition of villagers before we distributed filters and vitamins. This is a group of men from two households who gathered around after the survey was complete.


This is a picture of the 10 year old girl we've been helping for five months with a filter and vitamins. The picture on the left was her condition in May 2004. The one on the right was taken after five months of vitamins and arsenic free water. There is significant improvement but she'll need at least a year of vitamins to continue the healing. In October she was given another three month supply of vitamins.

While conducting the health survey we found many children with arsenicosis and other diseases: hydrocephalus, epilepsy, nervous disorders, skin conditions, and blindness. We think that malnutrition is enhancing the effects of arsenic poisoning, especially on the children.


Our local partners from "Save the Environment Nepal" (STEN) are sifting sand for our arsenic biosand filters in Bagahi.

Working together with STEN, Pramod Nepal and I are placing stickers on arsenic filters ready to be installed in Bagahi.


Liquid vitamins are distributed to households in Bagahi.

In 2005, Filters for Families will begin working in our fourth village, Judebella, Rautahat. Several villagers requested our assistance to subsidize arsenic biosand filters. Our first project is to provide two filters to the public school whose water is contaminated with 90 ppb arsenic.


2005 Projects - March to May

Judebella Village
  • Health survey
  • 52-65 filters planned
  • 2 Filters for the school
  • Vitamins for 650 or more people

    Bagahi Ward 2
  • 4 or more kitchen gardens using drip irrigation
  • Have a doctor visit the village
  • An operation for the little girl with hydrocephalus
  • Distribute more vitamins to adults with arsenicosis and all the children

    Kunwar (Sano and Thulo)
  • Sanitation training (partner with Water Aid Nepal)
  • Discuss literacy program for women with SIDI
  • Health survey, especially older people who may have cancer

    Thank you for your prayers and support!

    Dr. Linda Smith, Director
    Filters for Families

  • Aerial view of Mt. Everest by Kerem Barut / Download Wallpaper